Birthing Options and Delivery Methods
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Birthing Options

Choosing who will deliver your baby and the way you plan to bring your new family member into the world is a very important decision. After all, you’re partnering with a provider to care for two people – both you and your child.

Forging the right relationship through this process is key to growing your family. Crafting and having a birth plan that details labor and delivery choices, delivery methods, and other critical choices are the first steps. But as centuries of women giving birth know, having a backup plan is just as important!


What are some birthing options available?

The birthing experience is one of the most personal times a woman can have. Some women prefer a hospital setting, while others feel more comfortable in alternative environments. By creating your birthing plan, you’ll be able to make choices and express preferences to make decision-making during birth much easier.

There is no one right answer for every woman – everyone’s experience is different. At OB/GYN Associates of Lancaster, we are committed to providing the support and information you need to decide what’s best for you and your baby.

What are the advantages of partnering with hospitals and birthing centers?

Hospitals and birthing centers provide a clean and attentive medical environment for you to welcome your new family member. While vaginal delivery and vaginal births are generally preferred by most women, sometimes high-risk factors or other unforeseen challenges make the resources available for hospital birth necessary.

For instance, if you need obstetric anesthesiology or obstetrical anesthesia, health care workers in a hospital are far better equipped to handle the situation. Likewise, if trouble develops and a vacuum-assisted delivery becomes a necessary choice, a hospital is the only place to do so safely.

How do I know what birthing options are best for me?

The decision on how and where to have your baby is for many women the most important decision they’ll make during their pregnancy.

There is no one right, one-size-fits-all answer since every woman approaches pregnancy and childbirth with a different mindset and perspective. Your provider will discuss with you all of the available options and go over the pros and cons of each.

Together, we’ll take the time needed to discuss your options and ensure you’re comfortable with your birthing plan. We are committed to providing you the support you need as you welcome new family members home. If you have any questions feel free to contact our office via phone, email, or schedule an appointment online.