Pregnancy Keepsakes in Lancaster, OH

Preserve the memory of your pregnancy forever!

Take advantage of our special pregnancy keepsakes available to our obstetrics patients! Expecting parents can cherish and commemorate the early months of their child’s life forever with these adorable stuffed animals. You have the choice between a Gender Reveal Kit and/or a Heartbeat Animal.

Gender Reveal Kits

Two stuffed animal bears holding ultrasound pictures of a baby

Our Gender Reveal Kits include either a pink or blue bear, with a frame to store your ultrasound picture, and a box to keep the bear in until the time of your reveal. Patients can choose to have the gender reveal completed with a scheduled ultrasound, or can pay to have a gender reveal ultrasound completed.

The price for the gender reveal kit is $45.00.

Deluxe Gender Scan Package

Our office now offers 3D/4D gender scans starting at 14 weeks! The Deluxe Gender Scan Package includes a Baby’s Heartbeat Animal of your choice, a customized USB with 3D/4D pictures of your baby, and a few prints to take home right away. With this package, the USB drive allows you to view your ultrasound and see your baby’s movements at any time. 

The price of the Deluxe Gender Scan Package is $100.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Animals

My Baby’s Heartbeat Animals allow you to transfer a recording of your baby’s heartbeat onto a small, heart shaped device, and place it inside a stuffed animal of your choosing.

The price is $35.00 for each animal and recording. For stuffed animals, your choices include a lamb, bunny, unicorn, teddy bear, hippo, cow, deer, or giraffe. We can record the heartbeat at your ultrasound appointment or OB appointment in office.


If you’re interested in a Gender Kit or Heartbeat Animal, be sure to ask at your next appointment, or feel free to call in to the office for more details.

COVID-19 Updates

Do you ever feel at times due to life being so busy you put your health on hold? Now is the time to take care of you! For many of our patients we have postponed your annual exam by moving it out a few months in response to COVID-19, but we still want to make sure we have the opportunity to take care of you from afar. If you are our patient and have not had the opportunity for us to review your cancer family history with you, or maybe you have just put this on hold, here is the opportunity for you to fill out your information in a few quick steps online to see if testing is right for you! This questionnaire on your medical history will be posted to our website as well to access and to complete. So take control of your health today! We will be happy to direct you to right resources and follow up with you for any questions you may have.