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When are obstetrician appointments scheduled?

While we see OB patients in our office every day, our physicians each only see their own OB patients on specific days. When you’ve met with and been assigned to a physician in our practice, we’ll make sure you see only that physician. We believe in the personal connection that comes from a consistent doctor and patient relationship, which is why we do not pool OB appointments like other practices.


What is the difference between a gynecologist and an obstetrician?

One of our most asked questions! A gynecologist addresses all elements related to female health and wellness and may perform certain surgeries. An obstetrician specializes in pregnancy care and delivering babies, but can also act as a gynecologist in continuing and regular care.


Can an obstetrician deliver a baby?

Yes, that is an obstetrician’s specialty. They provide care for the mother and deliver the baby.


Can an obstetrician write prescriptions?

Yes, an obstetrician is a licensed doctor, so they can write prescriptions.


What is the difference between a midwife and an obstetrician?

Obstetricians are licensed doctors, either MD or DO, and follow all practices and protocols recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Midwives are only permitted to practice within their scope and most often have an attending physician who can assist with high-risk pregnancies.


When should I have my first obstetrician appointment?

We recommend that you come in for your first OB appointment as soon as you receive your first positive HPT test. During your first consultation, you’ll meet with your physician and go over your health history and discuss any concerns. We’ll also confirm your pregnancy during the first appointment.


When should I visit my obstetrician to see if I’m pregnant?

You should contact us to schedule an appointment as soon as you receive a positive HPT test or have an ultrasound test that confirms pregnancy. The earlier you can come in the sooner we can work with you to develop a plan of care to ensure your health and the health of your baby.


How do I decide between a midwife or an obstetrician?

In the end, the decision is about your personal preference. Some women prefer a midwife during one pregnancy and an obstetrician for another. In making your decision it’s important to consider your health history and the nature of your pregnancy. If it’s high-risk you should consider choosing an obstetrician. We’re happy to talk you through the two options and help you make the best choice for yourself and your baby.


Should I see an obstetrician during my pregnancy or stick with my GP/Family doctor?

Your GP will likely recommend you see an obstetrician for your pregnancy-related care and delivery. Obstetricians are doctors who specialize in pregnancies and are the experts when it comes to the health of the mother and the safe delivery of the baby.


Can a gynecologist perform an ultrasound?

Yes. Both obstetricians and gynecologists can perform ultrasounds. We also have a full-time trained ultrasonographer on staff who specializes in performing ultrasounds.


Can a gynecologist diagnose cervical cancer?

Yes, checking for cervical cancer is a key component of your regular exam. If signs of cancer are detected, your gynecologist will perform testing to get confirmation.


Can a gynecologist perform surgery?

Yes, gynecologists are fully licensed medical doctors.


Are gynecologists able to detect early pregnancy?

Yes, as part of your normal exams, your gynecologist will be able to detect early pregnancy.


Are gynecologists able to deliver babies?

Unless your gynecologist is trained as an OB and is actively practicing as such, they will refer you to a physician who is a practicing OB.


Can I see my gynecologist while I’m on my period?

Yes, if that is within your comfort level. If you are experiencing a heavy flow we may not be able to collect the needed specimens and you may need to come back in when your period has finished.


When should I start going to the gynecologist?

You should start seeing your gynecologist regularly when you become sexually active or if you are experiencing certain women’s health issues like heavy menses, vaginal infections, or hormonal issues.


When can a gynecologist detect pregnancy?

If you aren’t on your period, we can perform a pregnancy test in our office. Your gynecologist will then order labs to make a confirmation, or can often even tell by seeing if your uterus is enlarged.


Will my gynecologist tell my parents about my appointment?

When it comes to minor patients, parents can know certain information about their child’s visit. It’s important for all involved to understand what health issues are involved. For patients over 18, we do not have to discuss any of your health issues with your parents.


Can a gynecologist prescribe birth control?

Yes, our gynecologists can prescribe many different kinds of birth control based on lifestyle and patient preference. We can also provide other forms of birth control, including nexplanons and IUDs.


Can I make an appointment with a gynecologist without a referral?

Yes, we welcome your call at any time. We can check your insurance to see if a referral is needed, and we of course love getting referrals for new patients.