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Our highly skilled, all female group demonstrates professionalism and expertise at every level. We strive to be leaders in the delivery of innovative, compassionate, and patient-centered care to women of all ages in the greater Southeastern Ohio Region. Call (740) 653-5088 today to schedule your appointment!

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Now Offering Flu Vaccines for OB Patients

We are now administering Flu Vaccines for all of our OB patients starting today 9/28/2020. Please ask your nurse at your next appointment for a flu vaccine if you have not already received one.

COVID-19 Updates

Do you ever feel at times due to life being so busy you put your health on hold? Now is the time to take care of you! For many of our patients we have postponed your annual exam by moving it out a few months in response to COVID-19, but we still want to make sure we have the opportunity to take care of you from afar. If you are our patient and have not had the opportunity for us to review your cancer family history with you, or maybe you have just put this on hold, here is the opportunity for you to fill out your information in a few quick steps online to see if testing is right for you! This questionnaire on your medical history will be posted to our website as well to access and to complete. So take control of your health today! We will be happy to direct you to right resources and follow up with you for any questions you may have.

Support Individual Protocol

We have had many patients inquiring if they are allowed to bring a support individual with them to their scheduled appointments. We would like to clarify that we are only allowing one support individual for ultrasounds only. We will also allow one support individual for all patients who are minors and need to be accompanied by their guardian/parent. Postpartum mothers we do allow you to bring your child in your carseat, but ask that all older children do not accompany you at the appointment. We do understand that this may be an inconvenience to many patients, but we are trying to eliminate extra foot traffic in our building during these times. We do see a population of patients that we want to be extra cautious with and make sure we are providing a office visit that they feel comfortable coming to. We also ask that the patient only be present in the lobby, and any additional people accompanying the patient to remain in their car, until the patient is called back. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these times.